Monday, April 27, 2009

Festival of Colors

So I may not have a digital camera...but other people do!!! Here are a bunch of pictures that I took from the color festival thrown at the Holi Christna temple (no idea if I spelled that right and I'm too lazy to google it). Basically thousands of people are at the temple and they burn an effigy (sp?) and then people throw colored was pretty fun, but I got a couple hand fulls of chalk to the mouth which didn't taste awesome. My boogers ( I know, ewe) were purple for like a week.....enjoy!! :)

I went with my buddy Dale, if you're wondering who the guy is. We're the only hard core friends that wanted to be pelted with colored chalk. We went and bought goggles before hand to protect our eyes because we're brilliant. That top one is the before shot...the after shots follow....

Pay it forward....

I'm sorry I still haven't gotten the gifts to my Pay it Forward winners!!! So soon, I promise!!!


So I think I feel like if I don't have pictures I can't post anything...however I don't have a digital if I only post when I have pictures...I'll never post anything!!

So here is some updates....

First and foremost....I won MORE concert tickets!!!!!!!!
This time to ELTON JOHN and BILLY JOEL......seriously I'm so dang excited. Catherine (my college roommate for the last 6 years) is a brilliant singer/songwriter and almost a year ago we talked about how amazing it would be to go to this concert and see some of the best at work. Well the cheesy light-rock station I listen to at work was giving them away, so I had to write a fabulously cheesy email about how they're our musical idols blah blah blah but we're too poor to afford tickets blah blah blah (which is totally true...the cheap tickets are still almost $100)...anyway, after 4 emails they called me on my work phone and told me I won!!! And they commented that I had a very lovely phone BET I do.....

So basically..... I. LOVE. RADIO STATIONS.

In other news....not tons has happened.
Voice lessons are starting to look up...I got destroyed by the end of my college career...probably singing a lot of opera that was too big for me and having teachers that didn't believe me when I said my voice hurt....not all of them...just the ones in the beginning.


I'm now working with a teacher who is amazing and has a lot of unconventional teaching techniques....which is EXACTLY what I needed. It's been about 6 months and things are finally starting to improve. She has sung everywhere, including the MET and several other amazing houses and still has an active performing's nice to know you're working with someone who not only teaches it but has done it.

I think I would rather be a broadway singer then an opera singer...which probably doesn't come as a huge shock to some. I've got to dust off the old, and I mean OLD, dancing shoes though...apparently you have to be good at that in musical theater :)

Welp...that's about it!!! I'll try to be better about posting...thanks for the encouragement, Erin:)