Saturday, November 28, 2009

Sooooo....about that concert

A lot of you probably know....but the concert got postponed:(

I was JUST walking onto the airplane when I got a call from Dale asking if I had talked to Catherine in the last few minutes....which I hadn't. The conversation went about like this....

Dale" ummmm.....I just went on smith ticks to see about getting a ticket.....and it said your concert is postponed till February 19th....

Me "......what?!?"
Dale "yeah"
Me "Are you serious?"
Dale "yes"
Me "Are you joking? You're joking. Are you serious? You're joking. That's really not a funny joke if you're joking"
Dale "No I'm not joking I'm totally serious! They posted it just a little while ago. I haven't gotten a hold of Cat yet so I don't know if she knows...."
Dale "Yeah"
Me ".......welp.......guess I'm takin a weekend trip to Utah then!"

And basically that was it. Not sure if I will be able to make it back out to see billy joel and elton john which makes me sad. Doubt I can raise those funds. I'm going to make a tip jar to put in front of my clients to let them know if they tip me they are sending me to see the concert. I think it's a noble cause. Maybe McDonald's will back me up too:)

Either way I was happy to go to Utah. I was able to see a lot of friends and see Laura and Jay. She and I were goofy so I bet it made Jay even more excited to be stuck with our family FOREVER hehe.

I stayed with my old roommate Michelle whom I actually didn't get to hang out with that much which was sad. I was all over the place. I owe you Shellroni!! My other roommate Kara was at home in Washington which was sad too. She's great! Love both of them!

I still don't have a digital camera so again this will be a boring post, but here is a rundown of what went down:

Went to campus, bought some stuff at the bookstore, had lunch with Laura and Jay, ran into a couple peeps hadn't seen in a while, ran into an ex-boyfriend whom is still a girl, went to singers rehearsal (choir I was in for a while) which was awesome, saw my friend PJ who always makes me happy, picked Cat up from airport, went to dinner at pirate island (I got a hat) went to icecream because I'm a heffer and talked with friends for the rest of the night....
**deep breath**
Saturday: Went with dale to see dave's soccer game which they won, visited brady, taryn and new baby Olivia whom I hadn't seen yet, went to BYU football game GO COUGS!!! Went to Red Robin where Dale spit strawberry lemonade at my new white shirt which I might have deserved because I spit ice at him because I'm immature, visited Taryn and Brady again so I could give Taryn a haircut which made me happy went back and talked with friends for a long when SUNDAY rolled around I was dog tired at church but I loved seeing my old ward.......
and then I went home.

It was a really short trip which was sad, but really good to see everyone. I'm sad I didn't get to see Amanda or Alexis and I'm sure some others but hopefully I can see you guys when I'm out for Laura's reception in January.

Well that's the update!!! I'll try to do something about pictures so these posts aren't so boring. If anyone feels like putting together a fund for billy joel and elton john concert....let me know :)

Monday, November 9, 2009


Hello, all!!

So my friend Erin reminded me that many of you I haven't talked to in a 5 months.....sorry!!! I'm alive! And I love and miss you all!!

Here's a briefer of what's going on:

I live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago in Schaumburg. It's really really flat out here.....all sense of direction I ever had has hit the fan. Oh well!!! I think I'm better than I was when I was in high school at least. I live with my sister, Sarah and her family. They're really good sports to have me around. I'm busy with school and work and being crazy so I'm sure it's stressful. I think her kids resented me at first but hopefully it's getting better haha.

I just finished my 3rd month of cosmetology school...only 7 more to go!!! I really hope they go by fast. I haven't particularly enjoyed it but I've done really at least I don't stink at it! I'm also teaching about 12 private voice students which takes up quite a bit of time. Most of them are through a music academy in the area. It's nice because they find the students for me, but not as nice because I make about half as much as I would if I found the students on my own. I have a week off from school this week though so hopefully I can do some networking and get more in my private studio.

My church branch out here is.....well....small. There are on average about 15-18 active young single adults, sometimes more sometimes less. It's definitely a learning experience. Lot's of opportunity to serve!! The branch members are really good kids and are really strong which is great.

Chicago is awesome. I would love to actually live in the city someday. I've only visited a few times but I really enjoy it. I like just walking around and looking at stuff and it's perfect for that! I've met some other people from the Chicago wards that I've hung out with a couple times in the city which has been fun. They know their way around which is pretty nice.

Sooooo...I really miss Utah....whoever thought I would say that?!:) My heart hurts for the mountains and being outside and all my friends...but I'm coming to visit in a few weeks to see the BILLY JOEL AND ELTON JOHN concert!!!! Yay for radio stations:) So I'll get to see a lot of you out there which will make me so dang happy.

Well that's the briefer. I'll get some pictures up here soon and some more specific stories....but for now just want to let you all know I'm here and I love and miss you all wherever you are!