Friday, May 8, 2009

Old guys love me....

So two days ago I had an older gentleman call my office to set up an appointment for a root canal. He was super nice and in a lot of pain and so was just really hoping to get in soon.
Well, as some of you may know, I have an awesome phone voice, which I utilized in this phone call, as i do in every phone call. Also I was nice to the guy (which I always am), but especially because he was such a sweet heart.

Anyway, long story short, someone canceled for an appointment the next day, so I told him I would just squeeze him into our schedule....well he thought I was WONDERFUL. Went on and on about how nice and accommodating I was. Really so cute.

WELL, he came into the office for his appointment yesterday...and he came up to the desk and asked if I was Deanna, to which I responded in the affirmative....

And he gave me a rose!!!!

HAHAHA it was amazing. I was a little shocked and started laughing and I told him no patient has ever given me flowers before. And he just went on and on about how grateful he was that I was so nice to him on the phone and for getting him in so soon. I heard him telling my boss during his root canal how great I was too.

I'm thinking this guy must be a great husband.

Also this makes the second elderly gentleman who thought I was pretty awesome at my work :)