Tuesday, December 16, 2008


So I'm making chili for the masses tonight (ward activity)...and I don't have a recipe. Anybody have a relatively easy chili recipe that is easily doubled, tripled, or quadrupled?? I need it S.T.A.T.
I have access to several crock pots and I have about 4-5 hours in which to do it. I'm probably gonna need to make enough for 50 people or so...
Thanks my domestic friends!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This night was number one!!

So as all my blog followers know...I won tickets to see coldplay...and it was the best concert I have ever been too...but that's not all!!! Let me tell you why it was the greatest...

First, I don't know if I mentioned this before, but we won 4 different tickets. Laura was caller 10 twice...I think it's because she is more righteous then me, because really that is statistically impossible. So that means that Laura, Chelsea (one of her best friends), Catherine (one of my best friends and eternal roommate, we're working on our sixth year together) and myself got to go.

This is the D.J. for the radio station that we won tickets from.

So it went down like this. We got to go to the sound check which was a few hours before the concert. It had been advertised that we would be able to go back stage, meet the band, take pictures and get things autographed...however, all we got to do was watch the sound check, and then the band came down and shook our hands and we all had a group picture...no autographs and no individual pictures. That's okay though because I stood by Chris Martin in the picture and leaned in...it was the best.

So then we had almost 2 hours to kill before the actual concert, so we went to the mall next door and got some deep-fried Chinese food which is always an excellent idea. We went back and bought some concert paraphernalia and went to our free seats, which were WAY up in nose bleed...that was okay because they were free. THEN...

we're sitting there in our upper-bowl nose-bleed seats, and this random guy come up to us and says in a very authoritative tone
"um, excuse me, I'm with the tour...can I please see your tickets?"
us: "um yeah, that's fine"
him: "yeah, could you come with me?"
us: "uh, okay"

so we walk to the portal entrance...
him: "so did you guys win these tickets or something?"
me: "yeah I listened at my work all day, probably gonna get fired"
him: "ah."
me: "I'm sorry, is there a problem with our tickets?"
him: "well, yeah....they're just really bad seats..."
us: " We agree!!"....at this point I think we knew that only good could come from this
him: "sooo, are you guys big fans?"
us: "yeeeeeess..."
him: "are you guys screamers?"
him: "we want to move you to the floor"


Seriously we were screaming for like 5 minutes and we kept hugging him and his buddy and we made them take a picture with us...

So basically we were moved to pretty much the front and the band sweat on us and it was awesome. During one song millions of paper butterflies came out of the ceiling and it was unreal. Plus they are just amazing live and really re-vamped a lot of their songs, had crazy lights, and were just amazing performers...

Slightly demonic looking...but we were trying to get a picture of me with the butterflies

I'm still on a concert high....God Bless America...also the UK...because that's where they're from.

Sorry all of the pictures are blurry!! I'll try to get better quality ones.

I fulfilled a child-hood dream....

Donnie, Danny, Jonathan, Joey and Jordan....yes....yes I DID see New Kids on the Block in Concert....and it. was. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Seriously I have fulfilled a child-hood dream. I didn't know they were coming to Salt Lake until the day before, but on November 15th I was able to go with thousands of other women, most middle-aged and inappropriate, to see the ultimate boy band.

A few highlights:

I would post some videos on here...but all you would hear would be the screaming from the PSYCHOTIC women sitting around us...seriously so intense.

There was a guy behind me...yes, a male at a news kids on the block concert. He was the type of guy you would expect to see at a maybe a Metallica concert or something like that...but that man was a hard core NKOTB fan. He knew ALL the words from ALL of their songs...old and new. One of the funnier things I have ever heard.

I went with Laura and our friend Dale who thought it would be hilarious. He was kind of freaked out by all the cougars everywhere who were scantily clad hoping for a chance with Joey McEntire...again...hilarious. By far my favorite was a woman who was EXTREMELY past her prime, though I'm sure a wonderful lady, who was wearing a shirt that said "It's too late Joey...I'm already married"

I'll get some pictures up here from the concert soon!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I wasn't sure if yesterday was going to be a good day or not. My phone died during the night so I didn't wake up when I needed to...I found ANOTHER WASP in my room as well as a fly (both of which I terminated immediately)...and due to the full moon, all of the crazies in the greater Utah Valley area came in to see about getting a root canal. So my morning was relatively stressed. Also I got a five dollar footlong at subway and I decided to switch it up and get the chicken pizziola sub...not good. Then, my day took a dramatic turn.
A gentleman who is probably in his 70s came in to pay his and his wife's bill. So after he did that he said
"oh, I have one more question"
(me) "sure, what is it?"
"are your eyes registered?"
(me)......"I'm sorry?"
"are your eyes registered?"
(me)......"I'm sorry sir, I don't think I'm following..."
"You're eyes, they should be registered as lethal weapons!"


So basically I got fed a pick up line and I thought it was one of the funnier things I have ever heard. This remark sufficed to make up for all of the stuff before him.

Now for the next thing.
So a local radio station started giving away tickets to coldplay three days ago...I LOVE COLDPLAY...one of my favorite bands. They're playing a concert in Salt Lake on the 22nd, but wouldn't you know it the cheapest tickets are about $75 and those seats aren't even that good. So obviously I couldn't afford to go to the concert. Also Laura (lil sister) and her boyfriend broke up about a week ago, and I was sad for her because he had tickets to the concert which she was obviously uninvited to attend, which brought her sadness. So I wanted to win her and me tickets. The way the radio contest works is you have to listen all day from 9-5 and write down the coldplay song from every hour. I had been faithfully doing that for 2 days. I would stay after work when everyone had left and after I had clocked out...and just listen for the final song and call on my cell phone and the two office phones close to me. (there are 3 lines to the radio station, so I was trying to cover them all) Well the first day after much effort and praying, no luck. So the next day after the second to last song I had an epiphany...why not just call Laura, tell her I'm trying to win us tickets, give her all of the song names, and then just tell her when to call?? I know...genius. It makes me think I should be a manager somewhere, like a cell phone kiosk or something. Anyway, so I called Laura, gave her all the song names, and then told her I would call her when the final song started playing so she would know when to call. She took one line, I took one line, and her friend Katie called the other.............
LAURA WAS CALLER TEN!!!!!! I had given her all of the songs and info she needed so she told the guy everything and we got tickets to the concert, tickets to a pre-show with only a thousand people where they're going to play a little private concert, back-stage passes for after the concert AND $101.90 (the station was 101.9) to buy cold play paraphanelia that the band will sign....



my life is complete.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Worst. alarm. ever.

So this morning I was super excited because I didn't have to be to work until 8...sounds a little sad, but that's starting late for us. I don't have to leave my house till 7:40 so I was planning on sleeping in till about 7:20. I refuse to take any more then 20 minutes to get ready any given morning. This is probably why I'm single, but I really enjoy my sleep so it's totally worth it. Anyway, at seven I stirred from my slumber because I felt something on my arm. I thought maybe it was a hair, but then it felt like it was moving. So I reached back and grabbed it off my arm...and ouch! Whatever it was either bit me or stung me or something, and I'm a little over-concerned about poisonous spiders because one of my friend's owns a pest control business. So I immediately jump out of bed and flip on my light and grab a lamp and start hunting around my room. Then I hear something hitting my light. I look up...and lo and behold there is a huge wasp in my room. I was ticked. I grabbed a shoe and started chasing it around my room. I cornered it and slammed it with my shoe. Only problem is I'm not actually for sure it's dead because when I hit it it flew somewhere. But I don't think it actually flew. I think I hit it so hard it just back-fired under a table or something. Either way, I'm sure I looked like a crazy face running around my room with out of control bed hair and messed up pajamas. Happy stinkin Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Official official

So last night some of my buddies called me and asked me to be the line judge at their BYU intramural volley ball game. I told them I was completely unqualified for this and my buddy Cory responded "Are you serious? Can you see lines on wood? Can you tell if things hit to the left or right side of that line? If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you are qualified." I thought he made a good point. So then I asked what I should wear...and he told me to look official. I take these instructions literally. My roommate Michelle used to be a ref for bastketball...so she has the official zebra striped shirt. I most definitely borrowed it and looked totally legit. The best part is line refs don't have to be legit...you can wear whatever you want...a kid was there in a suit because he had come from work. This did not phase me. I still rocked the outfit and called it like I saw it...it was awesome. I think I'm going to do it again. It also further confirmed my belief that any one and their dog can ref for BYU intramural sports...hence the reason so many fights break out between refs and students. I only had one kid kind of give me attitude though...and I told him he wasn't the boss of me. I think that threw him off a bit because he didn't talk to me after that.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

So....I sing opera.

I don't have very many pictures of it, but i thought it would be enjoyable for some of you to know that I sing opera. It's fun but tons of hard work...but you wanna know what makes it all worth it???....
THE WIGS!!!! Seriously costumes and wigs were so fun...not so much fun to wear...but definitely fun to look at. Some day I'll post sound clips so y'all can tell me if I'm any good!:)

Maiden Voyage of blogging...

Well...here is the first post! Only problem is it's not that exciting. I'm just posting to post mostly...so I'll just try to give a quick update of life as is:
I'm the office manager for Utah Valley Endodontics in Orem...and probably my strongest asset is I have a really good phone voice:) It is a good job though and I work with fun people.
I graduated from BYU last April in music...which is why I am working in an office! I'm teaching private voice lessons still. (so if any of you need voice lessons, or you know someone who does this is a shameless plug!!)
I don't know of anything else that exciting...I'm still very single...and I'm still working on singing since I will eventually be going to graduate school in performance, well, at least thats the plan at this point.
So...there you go!! The Maiden Voyage is complete!