Friday, July 30, 2010

Up to my knees in mp3s

Who has two thumbs and stayed up till 3:30 in the morning attempting to clean up her itunes files???.........this guy!!!!

It has been about 5 years since I've attempted to clean up my itunes. I had started to once and then one of my roommates was using my computer and magically erased my itunes library. Luckily it was backed up, but the not-cleaned-up I lost motivation and just let it go wild.

It. was. a. MESS.

I had the Braveheart soundtrack 4 times....FOUR TIMES....Seriously?

And I had the complete Star Wars soundtrack at least twice as well as Lord of the Rings and some other random stuff.....maybe my computer likes to make duplicates of epic film soundtracks??

I also have every R.E.M. song....ever....and plenty of other ridiculously random things.

I spent a little over 6 hours working on it yesterday and will spend a couple more today...but you know what's really sad? That's JUST the music in my itunes folder...which is about 12 gigs....

I have at least 20 more gigs of music on my computer/on DVDs Dale burned them to for me when my computer couldn't handle all of the files.....SO MUCH MUSIC.

So cleaning my itunes out is really a baby step....

Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming.
Just keep swimming......

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So I was all pumped to actually upload some pictures up here for all you, my faithful fans...which is probably no one since I post something every few months...

So I get all excited and write my little blurb and go to upload the photo............

and it won't work. I don't know if it's just tonight that it won't work or what. It kept saying it was trying to send the info to the blogger website. I'm ticked. My computer won't connect to the internet at the house I'm staying at, so I took it on over to the public library and set up shop. So now I'm just sitting here....staring at all of the Indian people studying for various medical and law exams....and just staring at my computer hoping it will magically work as I go in and out of facebook.

Boo, archaic Dell computer. Boo.

*don't you all worry. I'll figure this thing out. But not tonight...because the library closes soon :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

My roommate is a WIZARD

Ok...can we talk about my roommate Catherine??

Now I know we aren't technically roommates anymore, but come on...we lived together for basically six years....she'll always be my roommate :)

ANYWAY, this girl is a good way!!! She is just one of the most brilliant musicians I have ever met, on top of being a loyal friend and a beautiful woman.

She and I both struggle I think with being vulnerable...meaning we just don't like to do it. Who does??!! But I think we've both in our own ways been trying to open up more to different possibilities and directions in life...I know that's really vague...but I'm still working on being vulnerable :)

She has been able to really open up and expose herself through her music which is just so amazing to me. I only sing what's written for me and I've found that I am able to lightly tap into my experiences and emotions and I can portray that in what I do...but it's still through someone else's words or melodies. I never really put it all out there....ever. She has opened up her mind and even let people see into her heart through her art and I admire and respect that so much.

So at risk of just babbling on forever and ever about this girl, because I really can...ask anyone....I'm the best PR rep she has :)....I'll just stop right now and post a link to her blog. Some of her posts are really insightful to not just her, but I think a lot of people that read them...because you feel like she's writing things that you were feeling but didn't know how to think or say....AND you HAVE to listen to her music!!!!! The variety is endless, but I really love her latest full track she posted. It's called "trapeze"...

Listen and weep....I did!!!

I love you, Cat!!! I'll talk to you SO soon!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An announcement

I got a digital camera!!! That means more blog posts and there will actually be interesting pictures....well interesting to me:) I'm in Utah right now without the cord to upload the pictures...but they will come soon!!! Get excited....