Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm posting!!

Hello, all!!!
So I'm probably going to start posting on Dale and I's combined blog, which is


and I actually posted something! Not very long or exciting but I actually had a fifteen minute break at work and access to a Mac...so there you go :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Word to the wise...get collision insurance....

So I was driving to work Friday morning, and as I was switching lanes I thought that a big gust of wind was blowing me a little bit...

Turns out I had hit a patch of black ice...going 70 miles an hour. I fishtailed really wide and spun into the median between the I-57 north bound and south bound. I took out a wooden pole which I think took off my bumper cover and sent me spinning even more...which then made me take out 5 or 6 of the yellow crash barrels they put in front of the cement columns underneath overpasses....I'm VERY grateful for those barrels. They threw me around a little bit but I ended up hitting the barrels on both sides and back of my car and I finally stopped parallel to the south bound I-57...two feet from on coming traffic....yikes.

What's really amazing is I am 100% un-harmed. I really should probably be seriously injured or at least have whip lash...but nothing. I know that I was watched over during that whole thing. I saw six or seven cars go off the road after me, some of them hitting other cars and one truck doing a really bad role over. They had to call in a couple ambulances and over hearing the state troopers radio that was helping me, I gathered that there were potentially some bad injuries in all that mess. It was really scary. A super nice guy who saw me go off the road stopped to make sure I was ok and was amazed when I got out of my car just fine. He even went and picked up my bumper cover for me :) Once he really established that I wasn't hurt he told me that it was amazing because when I went off the road I actually caught air...I like to do everything with style! ;)

Anyway, long story short, I know I'm really blessed to be alive and well! I just wish that I had gotten collision insurance and not just liability...because my car is totaled... but still drivable...it's going to be a glamorous year! hehehe