Thursday, November 13, 2008


I wasn't sure if yesterday was going to be a good day or not. My phone died during the night so I didn't wake up when I needed to...I found ANOTHER WASP in my room as well as a fly (both of which I terminated immediately)...and due to the full moon, all of the crazies in the greater Utah Valley area came in to see about getting a root canal. So my morning was relatively stressed. Also I got a five dollar footlong at subway and I decided to switch it up and get the chicken pizziola sub...not good. Then, my day took a dramatic turn.
A gentleman who is probably in his 70s came in to pay his and his wife's bill. So after he did that he said
"oh, I have one more question"
(me) "sure, what is it?"
"are your eyes registered?"
(me)......"I'm sorry?"
"are your eyes registered?"
(me)......"I'm sorry sir, I don't think I'm following..."
"You're eyes, they should be registered as lethal weapons!"


So basically I got fed a pick up line and I thought it was one of the funnier things I have ever heard. This remark sufficed to make up for all of the stuff before him.

Now for the next thing.
So a local radio station started giving away tickets to coldplay three days ago...I LOVE of my favorite bands. They're playing a concert in Salt Lake on the 22nd, but wouldn't you know it the cheapest tickets are about $75 and those seats aren't even that good. So obviously I couldn't afford to go to the concert. Also Laura (lil sister) and her boyfriend broke up about a week ago, and I was sad for her because he had tickets to the concert which she was obviously uninvited to attend, which brought her sadness. So I wanted to win her and me tickets. The way the radio contest works is you have to listen all day from 9-5 and write down the coldplay song from every hour. I had been faithfully doing that for 2 days. I would stay after work when everyone had left and after I had clocked out...and just listen for the final song and call on my cell phone and the two office phones close to me. (there are 3 lines to the radio station, so I was trying to cover them all) Well the first day after much effort and praying, no luck. So the next day after the second to last song I had an epiphany...why not just call Laura, tell her I'm trying to win us tickets, give her all of the song names, and then just tell her when to call?? I know...genius. It makes me think I should be a manager somewhere, like a cell phone kiosk or something. Anyway, so I called Laura, gave her all the song names, and then told her I would call her when the final song started playing so she would know when to call. She took one line, I took one line, and her friend Katie called the other.............
LAURA WAS CALLER TEN!!!!!! I had given her all of the songs and info she needed so she told the guy everything and we got tickets to the concert, tickets to a pre-show with only a thousand people where they're going to play a little private concert, back-stage passes for after the concert AND $101.90 (the station was 101.9) to buy cold play paraphanelia that the band will sign....



my life is complete.