Thursday, November 4, 2010

So sorry!!

Let me make the disclaimer that I told you all that I wouldn't necessarily become a regular blogger just because I was doing really well for a few weeks....
But I am sorry!! I've been meaning to update for who knows how long but I get really nervous about putting more stuff on my computer's hard drive. I've had that bad boy since December of 2004. Just wrap your mind around how ARCHAIC it is. My hard drive is around 40 GB....people have ipods and cell phones now with more memory, and I even bought mine with extra. Technology is crazy!
My family was nice enough to let me upload a bunch of stuff on their computer (fact: they don't know I am...but they will when I publish this next slew of posts)

So here is what has been happening for the last while! I'll do multiple blog posts so we all don't get visually overwhelmed.

For starters, I helped my little sister do her extra credit project for biology. I LOVE projects. I really do. Especially projects you can do in a few hours that involve planning and then hands on work. April needed to make an edible DNA and I was all over that.

April didn't want to do the sign....but I told her she should. EVERY project should have a snazzy sign.

This next pic is of my friend Melissa's face....she ran into someone's shoulder playing tag football. It was cuh-razy looking.

Doesn't that look rad??

Next up is the Lake Geneva trip 2010. I went back up to Chicago sept. 11th because I was still helping with this activity. It was really fun. I stayed in Champaign the night before with my friend Tina and then we left early so I could do a trial wedding hair run in Carol Stream (suburb of Chicago) and then head to the WI/IL border. No, I did not meet my eternal companion at this activity....

This is my good friend Tina. A lot of my family might remember her from the Lunt Family Nuavoo reunion in 2003. She lived with my family for a while and joined the LDS church when she lived in my home town.

This is my friend Eric and me. Mostly I have this picture up here because I made the card and it actually looked really awesome, though the picture doesn't do it justice. Like I said, I really like projects. Also validation.

The activity consisted of a super nice family hosting us at their lake house and providing tons of awesome food. There were also jet skis and games. At the end of the evening there was a big ferry boat with catered desserts and we toured all the houses around Lake Geneva (google it...ridiculous homes) and then had a dance. Several of my friends from Milwaukee came down so that was really nice to see them.

It was a super nice night and a really well done activity. Sunset from the boat!


Scottie and Angie said...

WOW love the sunset picture and the update of course! It is always nice knowing what is going on with your life:) Love your hair too by the way!

Catherine said... are beautiful. And I want to come visit you. Those pictures looked amazing! I need to go to Chicago with you! I am so broke you have no idea. Let's remedy that.


jtothebell said...

my wife mentioned yesterday that she liked your hair and she wanted you to cut hers when you graduated. i said you had graduated, but you lived in Illinois. mwag mwah.

Ben and Megan said...

Deanna, you are soooo hot. I wish I was as hot as you... but I have two kids that make my face look old....... But you are HOT.

missy said...

Check out the photo where you are holding the Thank You sign. The man driving the boat has no head. It's hilarious!